Friday, December 4, 2009

Go BIG or Go Home!!

No sooner did I say I was looking forward to the future with Copper and Olive, when we went out and had the best show ever! We always go to the Southern Colorado Kennel Club shows in early November, both for the venue, special Veterans Exhibition, and the fact that it's our last local show of the year...nothing more until mid-February.
Friday evening was the fun match, so Melissa and I showed Copper and Olive. Copper shows better the second day of a show weekend, so I wanted her to get warmed up for the real thing. Olive wasn't entered in the show, as I knew there wouldn't be any competition in Whites. They both won BOV in the match, and were the only adult terriers, so they went 1-2 in the Group. The judge pondered them for quite a while before choosing Copper first, and later said that was his hardest decision of the day.
Melissa showed Olive in Juniors, and won her class. But when they went up for Best Junior, Olive got just a bit too excited over the squeaky toy, and Melissa couldn't do anything to stop her. She couldn't put it in her pocket because, if you know Olive, you know it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to hide anything from her. So they didn't win, but it was a valuable learning experience!
Saturday morning we showed at 8am...seems either Juniors or Bullies are ALWAYS at 8! Copper went BOV over two class dogs, earning one point towards her Championship! Next were the veterans, the second year of Moms vs. Daughters: Me with Ivy vs. Melissa with Oprah, and this time it went to the kids. Beth Sweigart wasn't too keen on Ivy's crunched up ears and lumps and bumps. She told Melissa that Oprah was more up to the task today.
Next came Juniors, and while Melissa did a great job with her Pointer Maui, they didnt place in the very large class.

Terrier Group was first up, and I couldn't get Copper to go poop even though she had to; I just knew she was going to soil the Group ring. Judge Allan Pepper went over all the Terriers, then pulled us for the cut. I was thrilled! It's a big deal to even make the cut when you're in the ring with multiple BIS Terriers. He moved us all again, then pulled Copper out first. I quickly stacked her, thinking "holy crap, I'm at the front of the line!!". Then he moved us all together and when I got around he pointed directly at us and said "ONE!" Unbelievable! We just won the Terrier Group!!!!! I couldn't even talk...this was my first group placement ever! As a breeder/owner/handler this just means the world to me to be recognized and rewarded in such a huge way. All my dog show friends were there, and every one of them came to congratulate us outside the ring. Apologies to the Working group that was waiting to get into the was quite a crowd and there was much celebration!!

We went to have the photo taken, and I told the judge "You really surprised me." He looked square at me and said "Why?" I said because there were a LOT of nice terriers out there, and he said "Yes, there were." And that was that!
My first trip into the BIS ring went well, although Copper was tired and didn't give me much expression. Judge was Terrier man Peter Green. He chose the Newfoundland for BIS, but it was a wonderful experience anyway.

Day two, Copper won BOV again. Melissa won her class but was edged out of Best Junior by an older competitor. A win is great for her, and will count as her first win towards next years Eukanuba and Westminster qualifying. Peter Green judged the Terrier group, and while he appreciated Copper, he chose the Irish first, and placed Copper fourth. Not a bad way to complete the weekend!!

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